Q-Tek AfterCare is a service to allow us to remotely log into your home PC, laptop or server anywhere in the world to offer quick fixes and problem troubleshooting at the convenience of your own home, with this service there is no need to bring your computer down to ourselves.


Starting a Q-Tek AfterCare Session
You will be directed to this page by one of our experienced technicians and be asked to click on the below button. Once you have clicked this button you will be given a Q-Tek AfterCare ID number and a password, you will need to relay these details to the technician on the end of the phone. Once the engineer has inserted these details a remote session will begin.



Q-Tek AfterCare Step-by-Step Setup

  • Click the above button that says “Q-Tek AfterCare”.
  • Next, find the bar at the bottom of the screen which says “qtekaftercare.exe” and click “Run”.



  • After a couple of seconds please accept the terms and conditions.


  • Finally you should be presented by the following screen, please relay the ID and Password details to the technician on the phone.


If you have any issues with the above steps we would be more than happy to assist.